LKISShops: LA, The NastyGal Store in West Hollywood


It’s no secret that I love The brainchild of now celeb author and #Girlboss, Sophia Amoruso, it is like the best of both worlds for me: A entrepreneurial female fashion success story and an amazing place to shop online. When I headed to LA a couple of weeks ago, I NEEDED to go check out the latest adventure in this style empire, which is their bricks and mortar version (meaning actual store) in West Hollywood (which is just soooooo perfect).

The displays did not disappoint.

Cool outfits already merchandised and styled were interspersed with wardrobe essentials and unique pieces.

There is always a dark kinda vibe to Nasty Gal and their store, while bright and appealing, definitely still gave off that rock ‘n roll I-don’t-give-a-f*ck attitude.

Leather and metallic details and dramatic black were a common theme.

And did I mention the shoes? Well, I was definitely contemplating making multiple shoe purchases by the end of my visit.


Edgy lingerie was also on display, as well as oodles of accessories and of course, Sophia’s book was up for grabs.

Despite my preggo status, I managed to find a couple of perfect edgy LBDs to try.

While the baby bump prevented my actually purchasing, the real coveted item I saw was a flat circle studded moto jacket that definitely would have gone home with me if it were a few months from now.

The pricing was out of control reasonable (just like the site) and it was so fun to see a physical manifestation of one of my favourite online shopping experiences.

It’s like West Hollywood come to life in there and I can’t wait to go back.



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