LKISStyle: How to Dominate Holiday Gift-Giving, my top tips on being the best present-getter ever!


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I am one of those weirdos who loves buying presents for the holidays. There is something so uniquely satisfying about finding that perfect item that you just know your giftee is going to love. Don’t feel the same way I do? Well, I think I am in the minority, as I know a million people who find gift-shopping totally annoying, overwhelming and cumbersome.

So, here are my five foolproof tips on great gift-giving!

1. First tip is head to Indigo:

Seriously. This once book-only spot now carries some of the best and coolest gift items and there is something for everyone. (and ps: they are having an online only sale of 15% off regular merchandise from November 19-22, using HOLIDAY15 at checkout!)

2. Buy something inherently cool.

My example is the Ernest Hemingway Collection at Indigo because it’s classic, interesting and universally applicable. Things that combine the intellectual, the new and the stylish will get you that I love this gift-receiving smile.

2. Get something personalized.

No time to monogram? No worries. Items featuring people’s names, astrological signs, birth stones, birth flowers, all say “I thought about you” but don’t actually require too much thought in advance.

3. Make it Functional and Stylish:

A great notebook or a cool travel bag, something with some real practicality that also has an element of fashion will kill two birds (not literally) with one gift-giving stone.

4. Find a Hobby or Interest:

Have a tea lover in the family? Know someone who is the hostess with the mostess? Tap into your giftee’s favourite pastime to ensure that you are grabbing a gift with mega-appreciation potential.

5. Skip sizes:

Hats, bags, slippers….anything that requires no sizing is the perfect gift to give to someone a little more distant (colleague, secret santa recipient, that cousin you never met before).

Alright, you are ready to elbow your way through the holiday gift-shopping experience. Now, if only you didn’t also have to wrap them…



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