LKISEvents: Designer Hayley Elsaesser’s Store Opening in Toronto


Looks like I am not the only one who is hitting Toronto hard! World Mastercard Fashion Week runway darling, Hayley Elsaesser, opened up her first store on Queen West in T-Dot last week and true to the brand, the store is a kaleidoscope of colour, fun and fashion.

I got to chat with the designer and aside from being super down to earth and seemingly very relaxed about her new retail venture, I got to know about her Australian roots and her new found appreciation for the four seasons.

The clothes featured in the store are what I would expect, given that I have attended her runway shows for the last few seasons. Bold, wacky prints, mixed together in ways you would never expect and maybe never wear unless a store like this told you to….

The hit for me was the dripping paint sunglasses that both my hubby and I decided we needed to try on! (looking good Mr. McGowan)

Where I think this print-mania becomes super-fun and doable is with HE’s socks and nail wraps (which I was so happy to receive in my gift bag!).

There was plenty straight from the runway on display, complete with the Spring/Summer 2016 carnival theme and four wheeler!

The bold prints all worn together, that make for amazing runway fodder, may not be for the everyday everyone… but used as wardrobe accents, this designer’s creations are sure to add some energy to any closet. And, the amusement park-ish vibe emanating from her new Queen street store will surely make it a destination for those who want to see.



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