LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, 4 Ways to Wear a Trend I Hate this Summer, The Colour Orange


There are really only two colours I actually dislike. Orange happens to be one of them! Well, it just so happens that this is one of the hottest colours this summer. SO what’s an orange-hater to do? Here are 4 ways to rock orange that I can stomach…

1. The Summer Scarf:

Orange as a pop of colour around the face is generous in that healthful glow kind of way.

2. A Cheeky Bag:

Orange just says quirky and so a fun satchel full of punch is just the trick for the inherently humorous hue.

3. The Boho Dress

Burnt orange or sunny D styles, a bohemian vibe totally jives with orange.

4. The Citrus Suit:

A bathing suit in orange is, in my opinion, the perfect combo of a small amount of the statement making colour on the perfect back drop…toi!

Orange- you glad I wrote this blog post?



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