LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Lost Your Winter Weight? 5 Style Tips on What to do now


Inspired by my good friend and co-host on air of my fashion segment on Virgin Radio, Lee Haberkorn, I am feeling ready to make some changes! Okay, okay, it also puts a bit of a fire under my a** because I just had a baby and summer is fast approaching…So, for all of you who have already made those positive changes, here are a few tips on how to style your new bod. And, hopefully I will be giving myself the same advice in a few weeks (months?).

1. Get a good tailor:

No need to throw out the clothes-baby with the fashion bathwater. Take your now too big stuff to an excellent tailor for an update that won’t require a total wardrobe overhaul.

2. Dress for your new shape:

You used to wear baggy pants to hide your rump, or you wore a wide belt to create a waist? Well, the rules have changed and so have the body parts you may or may not want to highlight. Take a good look in the mirror and assess your shape, it will require an evolved approach.

Check out my buddy, Lee Haberkorn from Virgin Radio, who has been kicking his own butt at Victoria Park! Go Lee!

3. Don’t invest yet:

If you aren’t done your cleanse/diet/lifestyle change yet, don’t go spending a ton on new clothes. Wait until your desired plateau is reached before dishing out major cash on clothes.

4. Take a risk:

It’s a brand new body-world when you have finally made positive changes to your physique. Now is the time to take your confidence to the style bank and get something you never would have before. Feel proud and confident in your new silhouette!

5. Treat yourself:

You worked hard. No one can even know how hard you worked, that is, of course, until you go out and buy yourself something epically fabulous to mark the occasion. Rewards will keep you feeling positive and make you more likely to maintain your new found physique. (But, again, my recommendation is invest in something that doesn’t require a size change if you keep going!)



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