LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Why I am Fangry (fashion angry) at this Season’s Crop Tops


Sometimes trends make me fashion-angry. A term I like to call: Fangry. This season it’s crop tops that are really getting my goat. I will be chatting with Lee Haberkorn on Virgin Radio this afternoon about my fashion rant toward these mini-shirts.

In every store, on every street, I am seeing so many of these belly-bearing toppers and I am over it. Big Time.

Here’s why:

1.Where am I going in one?

Seriously? To the office? I can just imagine trying to be taken seriously in any scenario with my belly button waving hello.

2. Who has those abs?

I probably know two people who actually should wear a crop top and even then I have to say that this is a situation in which I just don’t think it matters!!!

3. But they would be so nice!

These tops would be gorgeous with a few extra inches on them! Add more length and they could have been amazing. Coulda, shoulda woulda…

4. Mega Trend Overload

So, what is worse than a big trend this season that gets overplayed? A big trend that is totally unwearable!!!

5. At What Age?!

Crops tops on my 6 year old niece? Yes. Crop tops on anyone else that has passed puberty….not so much.

Expressing your style seething is the first step toward being totally fashion zen!




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