LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, 5 Tips on Surviving Plane Travel in Style

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I am heading to Europe soon (wahoo!) and it got me thinking about all the ways I like to make plane travel a little more, well, civilized. It’s like if I have to head on a tin can through the air in a herd of cattle and eat coagulated weirdness served on mini-dishes from the 70s, at least let me have it together by the time the flight is over, ya know?

So, here are a some tips for surviving plane travel in style this summer!

1. The Jogging Pant Faux Pas

Inevitably, I see someone boarding the plane in a sweatsuit and I think to myself: Why?! I mean, I get that comfort is essential, but can’t we grab a pair of chic pants with a drawstring or pants with some good stretch instead? Let the adjustable waist be your friend on a long haul.

Plane Travel 1

(Pictured Splendid, Theory)

2. The Scarf Must

A great cashmere or pashmina scarf will be your best friend. It will keep you cosy on the plane, act as a great night cover up at your destination and can always add a shot of colour or intrigue to what would otherwise be a basic outfit (because, face it, we all tend to pack mix and match basics like black, white, denim and grey).

Plane Travel 2

(Pictured: Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Eileen Fisher, Diane Von Furstenberg)

3. The Face Refresher

I am not a person who needs to exit the plane with a full face of makeup or anything, but there is something to be said about refreshing your face after a long (and squished) flight. Grab a mist or water spray to perk up your skin after all that recycled air.

Plane Travel 3

(Pictured: Fresh, Caudalie, Bliss)

4. Cheat a Shower

Have to get off the plane and head to your event or meeting? Dry shampoo is a godsend. It absorbs excess oil and gives your blow out the boost it needs after being squashed against one of those little oval airplane windows.

Plane Travel 4

(Pictured: Elizabeth and James, IGK, Klorane, Milk)

5. Layering and the Unstructured Blazer

Okay, so you want to be comfortable, right? But you also want to look like you fly in business class (even if you are actually flying coach). Layering gives you the flexibility to minimize perspiring and freezing throughout the travel process, which are both pretty common occurrences when flying. Also, a blazer in a stretch fabric or that is a deconstructed style (in other words it is not too stiff and gives you the ability to grab your bag off the conveyor belt without a Tommy-Boy-Fat-Guy-In-Little-Coat moment) will give you the polish you need for your cozy get up (i.e.: leggings and a T-shirt or your drawstrings pants and a tank).

Plane Travel 5

(Pictured: Selected Gavina, New Look, ASOS)

Bon Voyage!



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