5 Tips to Make it Look Like You Aren’t That Sick


I have a kid. Aka: a Germ Magnet.

I also take said kid wherever we go and most recently have had to give in to the fact that he likes/needs to crawl. That means airports, airplanes, restaurants, ski hills, other people’s homes…yup, it’s all been fair game. Well, you reap what you sew, people. After a 3 week long journey to California, Tremblant and then home again, the little one contracted a cold, followed by stomach flu, and then a super virus/earache that is only now starting to settle down. It’s been visits to doctors, a dash to an emergency room and a rather embarrassing night where he threw up on pretty much all of Tremblant Village.

As a mom (and a relatively new one at that) I was watching over our little one like a hawk, trying everything in my power to nurse him back to health…and you know what that means? I became the infected after my little host monkey got sick. And while trying to balance no sleep, caring for our guy, work and just general *shit you need to get done, I tried (and am still trying) to fake like I feel awesome (or make it look like I just spent two weeks in LA…which I did but you would NEVER be able to tell that!).


I figure, I am not the only one whose gotta to walk around feeling like poop in January and so I figured I would share my best tips on how to fake looking good when you feel like absolute crap.

  1. Concealer is my absolute BEST friend: TD1
    I am the person who turns absolutely purple under my eyes when I am tired.
    If I am sick, forget about it. Enter concealer. Pick something that tones down redness (green tones) or, in my case, purple (yellow tones) and make sure you go a shade lighter than your skin under your eyes to brighten the whole area. My personal favourites are MAC and Urban Decay.
  2. Don’t forget the blush (seriously, don’t):

When you are sick, you look colourless. And, this is a dead (no pun intended) giveaway. Blush helps round out the rosiness and make you looks less like a corpse!

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 4.17.03 PM

3. Lay off dark anything:

Dark lipstick, dark eyeshadow, dark eyeliner…dark make up in NOT your friend here so aim for things that a soft and definitely use a light hand when applying, that is unless you ARE looking to channel Elvira.




4. Avoid the Juicy Couture Urge:

I know you may feel like wearing sweatpants to your meeting but dressing like you are sick is a dead giveaway. Not to mention that dressing up a little can help you feel less sick, too!

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 4.16.08 PM



5. Use Chapstick… Unusually: 

So this one is weird…If you have a red nose from blowing it 24/7, applying Chapstick to your little reddened nostrils for some relief and for some protection next time you need to blow. Not to mention, you will also be able to apply concealer (see #1) in a less obvious way if your skin isn’t flaking.

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 4.16.41 PM








My other tips are the obvious ones: fluids, rest, medications (does Netflix count?!) and lots of chicken soup…

Okay, now seriously:

Feel better.



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  1. Rhea

    I hope you’re feeling better! The first serious colds,ear infection,pink eye or whatever Kal has is the worst! Panicking is a frequent term that is experienced..
    Rest and soon this will be just a bad experience you’ll chalk up on the board of firsts!
    PS.. concealer is my very best friend! ???

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