LKISS-Obsession: Ashley Bridget Elastic Holder Cuff


I think I am always just a little bit not together. Not to say that I don’t style things well or know how to dress myself, but somehow, there is always this one little detail that I never get right. You see, I always have an elastic on my wrist. This is inherently a yuck look and despite meaningful requests from my mother to take off said elastic, I never do. To weddings, galas, if I had to have tea with the freaking queen, I would still have an elastic around my wrist. Why? Well, because like the great Ally Sheedy once said, you never know when you’re gonna have to jam. And it is the ponytail-preparedness that keeps my look versatile, albeit, a bit in and of itself, unkempt.

Enter the Elastic Holder Cuff by Ashley Bridget.

They didn’t pay me to write this by the way…I am officially obsessed.

Elegant cool and totally a conversation starter, this ingenious item takes your elastic from totally functional to totally fashionable.


The bracelet comes in silver, gold and rosegold (the rosegold is the one pictured here) and it also comes with two perfectly sized black elastics.


I can’t believe someone hasn’t thought of this before and I have to say it’s one of those items that I am going to wear to death. Arm party beware, there’s new kid in town and it’s form meets function meets mega-fashion.

My mother will be so happy.



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