Trends at the Golden Globes 2017


The Golden Globes are known to be the awards show where everyone can take a bit-o-risk. You can get away with that extra ruffle or that second slit. No, this isn’t the Grammys or the MMVAs…I mean you have to keep your clothes on and you definitely need to keep it classy (well, most do, anyway). But skirting with the edge of fashion is permissible and somehow trends emerge. It’s like everyone has a separate stylist and yet they are in cahoots somehow, sending us the message of what is hot…

Here are a few trends I spotted on the Red Carpet at the 2017 Golden Globes.

  1. Canary Yellow:

I feel like I have been writing about this colour forever when it comes to award shows. I mean I get it, it’s bold and stands out.  But maybe when there is a whole bunch of you it starts to look too literally like a flock?! PS: Big Bird wants his outfit back.


2. Etheral Metallica

Metallic done right screams feminine, pretty and delicate and that is what happened here. I love this trend and I think it is a wise choice for someone who wants to stand out in the crowd while being serenely elegant.


3. Pantsuit Princess:

Women are strong. Yup. They are claiming what is theirs in Hollywood. Okay. They are wearing pantsuits on the red carpet. Fine. But can’t you do it well?! A great menswear-inspired bout of tailoring has a great stark quality, but it has to be done perfectly, people. Between messy hair, a roots-covered pompadour and a bralette, I think all three of these options fell flat.


4. Fussy Foil:

There is always the risk when you go a golden shade of metallic to an awards show, you end up looking like the accolade itself…well, while I don’t think these ladies looked to Globe-ish, I did find that the busy-ness of these gowns detracted from each of their inherent beauty (not to mention some serious-ill-fitting).  I like the idea of this though…


Another day, another awards show.




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