I have been reading Fruits forever. There is just something about Harajuku Street fashion that totally fascinates me and every now and then I get inspired… So, last week when I went over to do some personal styling for a …

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LKisStyle: Channeling My Inner Harajuku Girl


I love art and I love shoes, put ’em together and what have you got? Wackadoodle shoes. Nutty footwear seems to have been cropping up everywhere these days. Inspired by countless foot-centric traditions (think: S&M, foot-binding, armour…to name a few), …

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LKisStyle: Wackadoodle Shoes, Nutty Footwear Going Mainstream


Every now and then, I get to attend an event and then write it up, and I really believe in it. I am passionate about fashion (obvi, I know) and if there is one aspect of this industry that really …

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LKisEvents: Mercedes Benz Start Up


My obsession with Jeffrey Campbell: Old news. My new shoes: New news. I have been coveting the Back Off boot for months (and by months, I kinda’ mean a year). And much to my dismay, every time I would check …

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LKisObsession: My New Shoes (thank you Jeffrey Campbell)


The Rogers Cup has come and gone (with quite a bit of drama, fyi), but while I am by NO means a tennis aficionado, I do love an elegant dinner, a good party, and a fun fashion show. So, when …

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LKisEvents: Tennis Anyone? Rogers Cup Player Party


I get totally wound up when I uncover a designer who gets it, and while Balmain has always been on my radar, it was not until my summer journey to Europe this year, that I truly became OBSESSED. Seated next …

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LKisStreet: Be Still my Balmain Heart


While in Cannes, there is a spot where the cool kids hang out and it’s called Baoli. On our flight to Frankfurt, a friend and all around jetsetting guy let us know that this place is totally happening in the …

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LKisJetsetter: Flower Power Cannes-Style at Baoli


I have been American….Okay, maybe only an honorary one and a wannabe one, but after countless hours spent filling out visa applications and putting my best foot forward to be gainfully employed in the great nation of the United States, …

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LKisStyle: Red, White and Blue/Shoe Day


I am what you might consider a “regular” at Boutique Incognito, in Montreal. It’s easy to see why: located in a quaint Westmount ‘hood, run by the uber-cool Sara Popa and filled with must-haves for every occasion, it is one …

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LKisEvents: GLOBLOVE Official Launch Party at Boutique Incognito