I wear sunscreen. I swear. Everyday I put on 15 and head out, rain or shine…that doesn’t mean that I don’t sit in the sun though, and as I approached the Vichy Skin Health Centre (a giant cube set up as …

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LKisEvents: Vichy Skin Health Centre at Luminato


I love a good party and a good cause. Turns out so does Virgin Unite, the rest of Montreal and you guessed it, Sir Richard Branson! The party was held on the Friday night of Grand Prix weekend in Montreal, …

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LKisEvents: Virgin Unite, Grand Prix, Montreal


What is chicer than Ralph Lauren? Well, on par with this sophisticated mega brand is probably the Formula 1 race that comes to Montreal and turns the city into a who’s who festival. I got to head out to the Ralph …

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LKisEvents: Ralph Lauren Grand Prix Party, Montreal


Nothing says luxury like a Rolls Royce.   It is an impressive vehicle that commands attention and respect and is synonymous with prestige (especially given its rather hefty price tag).  Well, the Rolls has made its way north of the border …

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LKisEvents: Rolls Royce in Montreal


Hitting the streets in Manhattan, you never know who you’re gonna’ meet or run into…that is part of the allure of the city that truly never sleeps. Well, last week, as I trekked from a meeting to a late night …

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LKisStyle: New York City Style


I didn’t know what to expect when I headed to the fall preview for La Canadienne shoes at their store in Montreal. I will admit I have a preconceived notion of this brand as being traditional and all about simplicity…this …

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LKisEvents: La Canadienne Fall/Winter Preview

Guest blogging gigs are amazing. You get invited to bring your perspective to someone else’s blog- and today I am the guest blogger on, a site celebrating women and creating a community to unite all women. A space to …

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LKisStyle: Guest Blogger on

I have lived in NYC and have experienced the joy of the New York sample sale. Finding treasures buried in some random room, on some random street for a ridiculously good price, for me, is like winning the lottery. BUTthere …

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LKisObsession: Welcome to the Peacock Parade


Every now and then I am late to the game… You see, I headed to NYC for the weekend and found myself flabbergasted that I had never been shopping at AllSaints. When I mentioned the line on Facebook- comments and …

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LKisObsession: AllSaints Spitalfields


I get to go to a lot of store openings and some are pretty good and some are plain fabulous. While the scene and the good hors-d’hoeuvres can sway me, it’s really the store that makes the difference. Well, I …

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LKisEvents: The Opening of Editorial Boutique


What girl doesn’t want to be a ballerina? There is something about wearing a tutu, your hair in a bun and being decked out in girly pink…And, what girl doesn’t need a pair of flats?! I mean, somewhere in the …

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LKisEvents: Pretty Ballerinas Fall Sneak Peak