So when in France, and more specifically in the south of France, there is a restaurant in Nice that is my absolute favorite called Petite Maison.  Run by the “Madame”, you need some maneuvering to get her to acknowledge you …

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LKisStreet: Fashion at Petite Maison


When I think of Monte Carlo, I think: Casinos, no taxes and there is potentially a prince wandering somewhere in my midst (how cool is royalty?!). When I went to Monaco last week, I was not exactly shocked to discover …

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LKisShops: The Principality of Monaco Shopping


Throughout this trip to France, I have been experiencing driver’s envy.  Everyone in this part of the world whisks down the narrow streets on fabulous scooters. And while I am too chicken to actually get on one of these slick …

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LKisStyle: Mediterranean Moped-Chic


As some of you may be catching on, I have been spending a few days on the Euro side of the pond.  It has been a week filled with rich meals (napolitana pizza, lots of champagne and salade nicoise) sun-drenched …

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LKisStyle: Urban-Cool-Must-Haves on the Streets of Nice


There is something amazing about France.  The produce, the accent and the decadence all adds up to a spectacular country with tons of style and fantastic finds.  This is the first blog (I am sure there will be many) about my trip …

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LKisJetsetter: Old Nice, Fresh Fashion


Travelling long distances is never an easy task.  Daunting packing process, sleep-deprivation and weird portion-controlled meals that one would never normally eat (beouf bourgignon, anyone?) are some of the highlights.  So, that is why when I travel I like to …

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LKisStyle: Plane-Wear, Uniform for the Jetsetting


I do not taking packing lightly, literally and figuratively.  It is an art that stretches out over days (to the point where even those who are OCD might call me excessive).  I start with an extensive list, handwritten.  Then I …

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LKisObsession: Burton, Finally Baggage That is Good


When the annual Toronto Festival of Arts and Creativity, Luminato, comes to an end it doesn’t just fade out. This year the final event was hosted by Biotherm, held at the fabulous Thompson Hotel in Toronto (can you tell I dig it there?!) …

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LKisEvents: Luminato Closing Party, Mr. Big and Biotherm


There is one style element that is constantly cropping up in my life: contradiction.  I like the rough mixed with the soft, light mixed with dark and the loud mixed with the demure.  If there is one area in which contradiction …

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LKisObsession: Designer Beach Baby


Anyone who knows me knows that I went through a bell-bottoms phase, and then a tie-dye phase, and polyester dress phase.  Anything with a 60’s-70’s vibe when I was 14 years old was my thing.  I had left behind my side ponytails, …

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LKisStyle: Back to the Future in Fashion


What to do in any city?  Shop, my dears.  And on my visit to TO, shop I did….I walked a lot, had a snack at Pusateri’s and managed to get my way to the basics: Forever 21, H&M, Prada, Gucci, Browns…but I …

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LKisShops: More T-Dot, as in Lots to Shop