Imagine your bare legs being elongated by perfectly gorgeous Manolos.  Now imagine that the color of said shoes manages to make your legs look even longer.  There is something unexpected about a shoe that is almost skin color. Nude shoes …

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LKisObsession: Bare Truth About Nude Shoes


I didn’t think that I would be impressed…I thought I would walk the streets looking for style and find nothing too remarkable.  The rivalry between Montreal and Toronto (which reminds me of the whole NYC/LA thing) lead me to believe …

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LKisJetsetter: Toronto and a Style Surprise


I went to a wedding this weekend (the first of many this summer).  The reception (the actual wedding took place the morning of) was in the bride and groom’s new and gorgeous pad.  The bride was spectacular in a shimmery cream …

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LKisStyle: Fringe Dress at a Fabulous Wedding


What do you think of when I say ‘Giorgio Armani’?  Sleek, classy and chic are a few words that come to mind.  That is why the opening party of Luminato, Toronto Festival of Arts + Creativity, is sponsored by Giorgio …

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LKisEvents: Luminato Weekend 1, Armani Opening Gala


I like cars.  I like to drive.  But, honey, I love Formula 1.  The action, the outfits, the drivers…it all adds up to a lot of fabulosity.  A great opening to the glitz and glam of Canadian Grand Prix, was …

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LKisEvents: I’ll Take a Ferrari With That


Last night I was asked where I got my shell necklace  (I seem to wear it at least 3 times a week these days).  And the answer is: I made it.  I have the incurable desire to create so every now …

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LKisStyle: Latest Stuff

You may look amazing.  You may spend countless hours in the gym so that your body isn’t plagued with deformities that have all kinds of gross names: who thought of “bat wings” and “cottage cheese”? Blech.  But regardless of your …

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LKisObsession: Spank You Very Much


Happy Birthday, Burgundy Lion.  A cool pub spot in Montreal on Notre Dame Street, the place was packed and the scene was a combination of hipsters and locals.  The best part: all the staff and supporters, boys and girls alike, were sporting …

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LKisEvents: Three Bloggers and an Anniversary

I could probably write a blog about each one of these individually, but you will come to know that I love lists.  Efficient ways to distribute information make my day.  So here is a list of style faux-pas that give …

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LKisSedOff: Ten Things I Hate


Well, this obsession was brought about by my girl TS and her ability to find the one thing that is smart, cute and totally usable. I am a runner.  What better way to get a workout in when you are …

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LKisObsession: (Yes, Again) A Runner’s Dream