So, a last minute flight cancellation meant that my trip had to be rerouted to Bellagio, Lake Como. Well, needless to say this was NOT a bad thing! (this is a picture of the lake….no filter!!!) What’s a girl to …

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LKISStyle: Outfit Post, My Looks in Lake Como


Today on Virgin Radio Montreal: Chatted all about that 70s neutral/khaki vibe I am loving this summer – If you wanna, Read it THERE: right here!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Feeling that khaki, neutrals 70s vibe? If you aren’t ready to go on …

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LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, That 70s Khaki/Neutral Show


MISS THIS ONE A COUPLE OF WEEKS BACK ON VIRGIN RADIO? Read it there:  or right here! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Summer vacation anyone? I have travel on the brain these days (I am packing to head off to my destination wedding!!! …

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LKISStyle: Top 5 Packing Hacks for a Stylish Summer Vacation


New post up on Virgin Radio! Read it there: Or right here! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I don’t know about you, but I was always taught that prints need solids, like peanut butter needs jam. A fear of looking too busy, of …

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LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, My Top Tips to Make You a Print-cess


Blogged today on Virgin Radio! Read it there: Or right here! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sooooo, as if it’s not cool enough that I get to work with amazing people as the style and beauty expert at Virgin Radio Montreal, I had …

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LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Getting to Style Virgin Radio’s Own Miss Universe Contestant, Amanda Ste-Marie!


I bought a pair of boot-sneakers ages ago (and I mean ages) that I still wear today. They were super-expesnive for me at the time and they were this new brand called L.A.M.B….yes, Gwen Stefani‘s line had just emerged on …

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LKISObsession: Casadei Sneaker-Boots Blowing My Mind!


Blogged today on Virgin Radio! Read it there: Or right here! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I love buying seasonal accessories. It is just about the most practical style-purchase you can make (yes, I used practical and purchase in the same fashion sentence). …

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LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Must-Have Summer Bags From Marshalls


I wait for the Met Gala. I mean, Hollywood has the Oscars and this event is the fashion industry’s answer to the ultimate red carpet. And, I also get it that trends mean celebs are gonna sport similar looking things…sometimes… …

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LKISStyle: Seeing Double, Twins and Triplets at the Met Gala