Was chatting all about miracle beauty products that do the work for you today on Global Montreal! Check out the video here: Your browser does not support frames. Click here to view the frameless video.. xxx LKIS Share this Post

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LKISStyle: On Global TV today, Beauty That Does the Work for You


Today on Virgin Radio I am chatting fur-free animal stuff…. Read it there: http://montreal.virginradio.ca/lkisstyle/2014/08/22/lkisstyle-animal-instincts-without-the-fur Or right here! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Animals in fashion is as old as man. I mean you gotta’ figure that the caveman was probably onto something. But if …

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LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Animal Instincts, Without the Fur


Today on Virgin Radio– a new post is up! Read it there: http://bit.ly/1uX9fiN Or right here 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I was hanging out with one of my besties, and as we left the house to go shopping, I realized that she …

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LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Look Ma, No Handbags


Count on Sephora to give you 24 manicures in one adorable and colourful box. The Formula X Press Pods are vibrant single manicures in a convenient kit. Spotted this in Europe and fell in love. PERFECT for travelling (like those …

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LKISObsession: Sephora Press Pods, a true Mani-Cure


Read my latest post on Virgin Radio  http://montreal.virginradio.ca/lkisstyle/2014/08/06/lkisstyle-ogoodness-the-its-almost-fall-preview or right here: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I am not ready to think about shopping for cold weather, but, alas, it’s that time when we start to contemplate those Fall fashions and this season let’s …

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LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio Ogoodness, The It’s Almost Fall Preview, Back to School for Grown-Ups


On Virgin Radio- read it there http://montreal.virginradio.ca/lkisstyle/2014/08/01/lkisstyle-outfit-post-vacation-in-black-and-white-part-2 or right here! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Alright, so vacation is a fun thing, right? But packing can be ultra stressful, right? Well, my approach this year was to aim for black and white pieces with bold …

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LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Outfit Post, Vacation in White, Part 2


Today on Virgin Radio: my vacation packing in black and white! Read it there: http://montreal.virginradio.ca/lkisstyle/2014/07/25/lkisstyle-outfit-post-vacation-in-black-and-white-part-1 Or right here! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This year I headed on vacation and decided that I was going to bring mostly black and white. Simple, crisp, easy …

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LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Outfit Post, Vacation in Black and White, Part 1


Read the latest Virgin Radio Post here:http://montreal.virginradio.ca/lkisstyle/2014/07/16/lkisobsession-my-top-5-summer-ready-style-must-havesOr below! Happy Summer!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxHello from the beach! And, while I am hanging in the sun, I started to think about the must-haves that make hitting the beach a practical and stylish occasion. Here are …

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LKISObsession: On Virgin Radio, My Top 5 Summer-Ready Style Must-Haves


New Post up on Virgin Radio: http://montreal.virginradio.ca/lkisstyle/2014/07/04/lkisstyle-how-to-dress-for-summer-weddings‪ You can read it here, too! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Wedding season is officially in full swing. Last week I attended lovely nuptials and I was reminded that weddings in the summer are a whole other …

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LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, How to Dress for Summer Weddings


Today on the Virgin Radio blog (@Virginradio96 ) I am talking all things beaded! Read it there: http://montreal.virginradio.ca/lkisstyle/2014/06/27/lkisobsessi on-being-beaded Or right here: Anyone remember beaded friendship bracelets? Loading up your wrist with beaded bracelets in bright colours was a sign …

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LKISObsession: On Virgin Radio, Being Beaded


Today on Virgin Radio, the Grand Opening of Caudalie’s boutique spa. Read it there: http://montreal.virginradio.ca/lkisstyle/2014/06/19/lkisevents-caudalie-boutique-spa-grand-opening Or right here! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Last week, I headed out to Quartier DIX30 to check out the brand new Caudalie spa and boutique. I have to …

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LKISEvents: On Virgin Radio, Caudalie Boutique and Spa Grand Opening