This Week on Virgin Radio, LKISStyle:  My Naughty or Nice Accessories Gift Guide! Good or bad, these are total must-haves for you!   Read the whole post on the Virgin site:  xxx LKIS Share this Post

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LKISStyle: Naughty and Nice!


Time for more TV! I went on to Daytime Peel with Sonia Sache. When I walked on set she was all “Surprise! you are opening the show with me…” OMG. This is what being adaptable is all about 🙂 We …

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LKISStyle: On Daytime TV, Talking Beauty Tips and Tricks


This Week on the GLOSSYTHOUGHTS Blog: INSIDE GLOSSYBOX, GLOSSYParty TO! Check out our GLOSSYBOX team inside our life-size GLOSSYBOX! Read the whole post on the GLOSSYBOX site: xxx LKIS Share this Post

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This Week on Virgin Radio: LKISObsession: Shoelery, a New Take on Twinkle Toes! Its all about jewelry for your shoes… and I am totally into it (can you tell?!):   Read the whole post on the Virgin Radio site: …

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LKISObsession: Post on Virgin, Shoelery!


I may have shopped my way through London, but I also managed to squeeze in hanging out at the grand opening of the Call It Spring UK store on Oxford Street. Surrounded by shoes, accessories and peeps with freaking amazing …

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LKISEvents: CISUK Grand Opening in London


Sometimes I wish I lived in another era. Madmen, specifically. While other fashion periods appeal to me as well, this weekend it was 60s fabulousness, all the way. I attended a Madmen party (you can see my post about dressing …

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LKISStyle: Outfit Post, Channeling Betty Draper


Another post on shopping in England…ok, twist my rubber arm! Yesterday’s post on Virgin was post part 1 of my British shopping extravaganza, and today it is time for Part 2. I headed to the Dover Street Market to explore …

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LKISShops: London (England!), Part 2


My Next Virgin Post is up:  LKISShops: London (England!), Part 1!  See where I shopped ’til I dropped, British-style.   Read the whole post on the Virgin site: Check out part 2 here on tomorrow!  xxx LKIS Share …

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LKISStyle: Post on Virgin, London (England!) Part 1


Madmen is not just a TV show. It is a style-statement that has changed the course of fashion (seriously) from the design houses in Paris to the mega-retailers on 5th Avenue, this fashion trend was started 5 seasons ago and …

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LKISStyle: How to get Dressed Up Madmen-Style!


This is a love letter.  It started with a glance, a light flirtation if you will.  But I knew after I saw you a few times that you were finding your way into my heart (and onto my body).  You …

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LKISObsession: Declaring my Love for Rose Gold


My Next Virgin Radio Post is up:  Aldo Flagship Opens (and we shopped!) To see the shoes I got at the Aldo event, check out my Facebook Fan Page tomorrow! Read the whole post on the Virgin site: xxx …

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LKISEvents: Post on Virgin, Aldo Flagship Opens