I have a thing for clocks. Big ones, little ones, somewhere in the middle ones. I love them all. There is just something about the cogs and mechanisms that click around behind the scenes moving the delicate hands, all to …

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LKISObsession: Time Pieces


The cool thing about New York Fashion week is the fact that it attracts all types…One commonality that all attendees have is an appreciation for glamour. Celebs, stylists, bloggers, moguls and diehard fashion-lovers (that would be me, kiddies) all come …

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LKISEvents: NYFW, the Scene (and boy was it a scene!), Part 2


Headed to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln centre was an event, alright! Running through the city trying to soak up my favourite town, get dressed and then make it to the shows on time was no easy feat. But …

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LKISEvents: NYFW, the Scene (and boy was it a scene!), Part 1


New York is a special place that occupies a sacred place in my heart. This is probably not news to anyone, and yet I still feel compelled to articulate it. It hums with energy and style and given that I …

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LKISJetsetter: I Heart NY


Montreal Fashion Week is all about the runway, but I gotta say, there was tons to take in off the runway, too. Montreal has its own way about it and dressing for fashion week is no exception, with cool looks, …

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LKISEvents: MFW, the Style


The second half of Montreal Fashion Week was just as busy as the first. Aside from chatting it up with my fellow fashion-lovers, I was busy snapping photos on the runway, getting to sneak backstage and check out all the …

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LKISEvents: MFW, the Fashion Day 3 and 4


Fashion weeks are whirlwinds and Montreal is no exception! With countless shows, piles of style and beauty, and a ton of networking to be done, it is literally non-stop. Well, the first two days of this marathon were jam-packed with …

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LKISEvents: MFW, the Fashion Day 1 and 2

Okay here is another set of videos from the front row at Montreal Fashion Week! Remember you have to click to play the videos…heard that some of you thought they were photos! NO way! The photos and my comments are …

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LKISEvents: Montreal Fashion Week Video from Day 2!

Hi Fashion Peeps, Here are a couple of videos from the first day (and the front row!) at Montreal Fashion Week! Check it out: The Finale at Duy: And, here is a vid from Melissa Nepton: Lastly, we have the …

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LKISEvents: Montreal Fashion Week Video from Day 1!


I don’t write rants all that often…but alas, this one cannot be helped. Here is the thing: That “X” on the back flap of your blazer is not supposed to stay there. Seriously. I wish that someone would put a …

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LKISSedOff: X Marks the Spot


I have always resented the cliche that Canadians are somehow allegedly naturally predisposed to a magical skating ability. This assumption is both somewhat…well….general… and in my case, flat out wrongo-bongo. I, for one, cannot skate at all. Period. I have …

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LKISObsession: Damn, I Really Wish I Could Skate


Frankfurt is a unique mix of the old and new. German skyscrapers stand next to vintage buildings. Old etiquette mixed with modern amenities make this town an international travel hub. After wandering around drinking my Coca Light (love, love love) …

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LKISShops: Frankfurt