I get totally wound up when I uncover a designer who gets it, and while Balmain has always been on my radar, it was not until my summer journey to Europe this year, that I truly became OBSESSED. Seated next …

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LKisStreet: Be Still my Balmain Heart


The best aspect about being in different parts of the world, is spotting the international fashionistas and their interpretation of all things stylish. Out and about on my travels, I spotted two girls who had awesome feminine style. After admiring …

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LKisStreet: The Girls From the Middle East are Stylin’


While in Cannes, there is a spot where the cool kids hang out and it’s called Baoli. On our flight to Frankfurt, a friend and all around jetsetting guy let us know that this place is totally happening in the …

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LKisJetsetter: Flower Power Cannes-Style at Baoli


Sometimes you go away on a trip, you look around and an item just sings to you. It’s not fancy or designer, but you just know that this thing is going to find it’s way into your luggage, fly back …

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LKisStyle: A Vacation Purchase Purse


Making an outfit that much better with a few choice touches just got easier with some guidance and examples from our intern Kelly Jasmine:  We all have some jewelry we love, but how do we give it the optimum shine?  …

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LKisStyle: Guest Blog by Kelly Jasmine, Accessories ‘R’ Us


As an avid shopper, I love a good market and as an avid traveller, I adore the French countryside. Put ’em both together and let me tell you, a little slice of cultural, and retail, heaven. Saint Maxmin is an …

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LKisJetsetter: A Market Day in Saint Maximin, Provence


LKisStyle Intern Kelly Jasmine is back with another obsession- this time it’s the search for that edgy/fashion vibe in the perfect concert T-shirt: In the effort to master the delicate balance of rock ‘n roll-chic, soft graphic tees are a …

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LKisObsession: Guest Blogger Kelly Jasmine on Chaser Tees


I pride myself on being a creative person, but when I attended the 2011 Marketing Awards (in TO) with Birkin, I was like what the @%&$. Some of the ideas and winners presented with Marketing Awards were so freaking brilliant, …

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LKisEvents: 2011 Marketing Awards


I have been American….Okay, maybe only an honorary one and a wannabe one, but after countless hours spent filling out visa applications and putting my best foot forward to be gainfully employed in the great nation of the United States, …

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LKisStyle: Red, White and Blue/Shoe Day


I spotted colored jeans at the opening of the Editorial Boutique in Montreal a few weeks back. Little did I know what a trend they would become. Check out our intern, Kelly Jasmine’s, take on the whole vibrant style: After …

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LKisStyle: Guest Blog by Kelly Jasmine, “Hot” Colored Jeans


I am what you might consider a “regular” at Boutique Incognito, in Montreal. It’s easy to see why: located in a quaint Westmount ‘hood, run by the uber-cool Sara Popa and filled with must-haves for every occasion, it is one …

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LKisEvents: GLOBLOVE Official Launch Party at Boutique Incognito