This week has been kookoo.  Busy-me has been a busy-bee and it has been a little hectic along the way.  But in order to be true to my blogging ways, I must go back and recap my adventures at Montreal Fashion Week, …

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LKisEvents: Montreal Fashion Week, The Rest of Day One!


Fashion week is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.  I mean all day you could find yourself wandering in and out of events with a glass a champagne in hand, fabulous outfits EVERYwhere (and I do not mean just on …

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LKisEvents: Mtl Fashion Week, Day 1, Marie Saint Pierre


I know that given the way the fashion industry works, I should be commenting on Marchesa gowns (omigawd, btw) or the sophisticated simplicity of John Patrick’s collection for Organic….but I can barely fathom my upcoming attendance at Spring ’11 fashion …

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LKisObsession: In Fashion-Land it’s Spring, but I am Stuck on Fall


Retail is evolving.  Somehow we went from having mega-general stores, to also having stores that define who we are as a consumer, embrace us for that very identity, celebrate it and then capitalize on our willingness to be categorized.  There …

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LKisEvents: Next Generation Retail at the Opening of Atelier Lole


A great boutique requires a delicate balance.  There has to be amazing inventory, priced appropriately, merchandised beautifully, by a team of fabulous people, who you wish were your best friends (or at least close enough that you could raid their closets), …

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LKisEvents: Happy Birthday David Lesage


In a bar, mid-conversation with Birkin, I hopped off my bar stool and headed over to interrupt a perfect stranger’s chat with her friends. Why, you ask? My eyes and ears are always open, scouting a room or street for anything …

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LKisObsession: Bangles (Accessories, not the Band)


I don’t like to go anywhere and not shop.  It’s in my blood, in my DNA and basically in my, ahem, soul. Thus, on my annual pilgrimage to Ogunquit, Maine, I naturally hit the stores to venture out and see …

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LKisShops: Ogunquit, Maine


When I think of Maine, I think of lobster dinners, starry night skies and the churning blue water.  It is truly one of my favorite places to visit and on this last trip, inspired by the approaching Fall season, I …

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LKisStyle: New England Blues


Style and makeup tips are in abundance, but the good beauty secrets are often guarded well by their keeper.  I have tons of little things I do both for style and makeup that I didn’t even realize are nuggets of info. Recently …

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LKisAnswers: A New Type of Blog Post…


I love grocery shopping and I love clothes…So what could be better than Joe Fresh, the totally affordable and adorable clothing line found at many Loblaws stores across Canada?  Not much I assure you.  But Joe Fresh is so cute and …

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LKisEvents: Stylin’ at Joe Fresh Style Studio Store


Welcome to Whistler, and bear-country (there really are bears, btw, I saw four!)…The only way to get ready for your trek into the wilderness is to be prepared.  How to prepare is easy: bust out your coolest T-shirt, slap on some high-top sneakers …

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LKisShops: Hitting the Stores in Whistler, B.C.


My trip to Kokanee Crankworx in Whistler, B.C. reminded me that is great every now and then to act like a kid.  I mean riding bikes and getting to and from your dinner party on a skateboard is awfully cool and pretty much standard at …

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LKisStreet: Sporty Casual Style in Whistler, B.C.