I am a city girl, and there are no two ways about it.  Surrounded by the mountains of Whistler recently, I got into the whole “outdoorsy” vibe.  Walking around Whistler village, I was clearly the outsider, but by day four, I …

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LKisStyle: City Girl Goes Country, Whistler, BC


Sitting in the trendy Yew Restaurant at the Four Seasons Vancouver, I style-spotted.  Three girls were at the bar enjoying their afternoon snack and I couldn’t help but notice one of the girls was wearing great shoes.  They were slip-ons that sparkled …

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LKisObsession: Giving back with fab shoes? Try TOMS


As y’all know, I was on the best/West coast last week and what do I do when I have to hop a plane somewhere fabulous? I strap on my comfiest (Jeffrey Campbell) boots and hit the stores. I thought Vancouver would be …

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LKisShops: VanCity


When I think of groceries, I do not necessarily think: fashion.  But when it comes to retail, Urban Fare in Vancouver is one of the most stylish and fantastically merchandised stores I have ever seen in my life.  Chalk full of …

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LKisJetsetter: Vancouver, Urban Fare rocks my world


I grew up thumbing through the pages of my mother’s fashion magazines.  I spent hours perusing the aesthetic photos and longed to be able to step into the scenes chalk full of fashion.  Last week, at Montreal’s Festival Mode & …

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LKisEvents: Clin d’oeil 30 Years of Style Fashion Show, Montreal


A fun way to showcase key pieces from Montreal Fashion Week, this early show last Wednesday summed up the fall/winter collections for 2010-2011.  The best part?  All the clothes were sported by local celebrities, benefiting Montreal’s Fashion Foundation. Check out model extraordinaire, …

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LKisEvents: Highlights from Montreal’s Festival Mode & Design


Not just another night out, Sweat it out with SIM Minerals and Montréal Fashion & Design Festival evening last week at Velvet/Auberge St. Gabriel, in Old Montreal, was a cool mix of media and scenesters. I had the privilege of meeting …

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LKisEvents: Be Fabulous, SIM Minerals Party


There is nothing like a good unexpected accessory. It highlights, accentuates and elevates any ensemble (just ask anyone-in support of this idea, I am constantly wearing a huge signature ring, or an over the top bracelet- accessories are my scoobie snacks).  …

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LKisEvents: Montreal’s Festival Mode & Design, Micalla Fashion Show


I spent a lot of good years running from my cleavage. Rather than embracing my endowments (that sounds weirder than I mean it to), I hid my chest under layers of clothes and rounded posture. Then came my 20’s and …

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LKisObsession: Top Secret


Here is the deal: I don’t love flying.  Especially on an all-economy class plane that dates back, probably, to circa 1977.  I really don’t like it when all those circumstances apply, and it is the end of my trip and …

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LKisObsession: Elle Collections Magazine


I had no expectations heading into Montreal’s red carpet opening of Cavalia, in the Quartier DIX-30. I knew that this touring show has been touted as a huge deal (over 2.5 million people have gone to see it). And as a formerly …

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LKisEvents: The Exquisite Cavalia