Well, this obsession was brought about by my girl TS and her ability to find the one thing that is smart, cute and totally usable. I am a runner.  What better way to get a workout in when you are …

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LKisObsession: (Yes, Again) A Runner’s Dream


Now this obsession is platonic and mostly normal.  You see, I love shoes.  I love shoes more than most things and the problem is that every now and then all shoes bore me.  Something unique and beautiful needs to scream …

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LKisObsession: Oh, Jeffrey Campbell

Some people pine over lost loves.  Not me.  I pine over lost purchases.  Instead of stalking pictures of past-boyfriends, I scour the internet, hoping to find those amazing shorts that my cousin was wearing or that amazing bag the girls …

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LKisStyle: The Ones That Got Away


Last night I attended the annual cocktail party held at a fabulous restaurant called Bice, marking the beginning of the hot weather and the opening of their gorgeous terrace.  Much like last year, this evening proved to be lots of …

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LKisEvents: Let the Summer Begin, Bice


I recently had a discussion with “Berkin”, the guy not the bag, (as you may have gathered all names are changed, but the stories are real), and he mentioned having read an article in Marketing Magazine, May 17, 2010, about the influx …

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LKisShop: Low End, Haute Clothes


(who got it right?) Recently, JK received an invitation to attend a reunion for his professional school that he went to 10 years ago.  Excited by the prospect of seeing his old classmates, he eagerly RSVP’ed (as any polite human being should always …

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LKisSed Off: The Dress Code

So it seems trite to start off with something this basic, but I can’t get enough of the romper/jumpsuit and it seems designers and style-makers alike are in agreement with me.  Quite simply, it’s a one piece.  It can be a …

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LKisObsession: The Jumpsuit/Romper

So this thing has been eating away at me.   I have always had a unique take and have never fallen in line with what everyone else is wearing.  That is not to say that I don’t like trend or follow …

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An Introduction