New post today on Virgin Radio! Read it there: or right here! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I headed to Winks Eyelash Boutique in Yorkville, Toronto, to finally give eyelash extensions a go. How was it? Well, watch this video for my experience …

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LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, My First EVER Eyelash Extensions at Winks! And 5 things to Know!


Essence and I have a good relationship. Smart packaging, ridiculously reasonable products that are worth every penny, and cute branding…ya, I dig it. Well, I was invited to check out what is coming this fall for Essence Cosmetics at their …

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LKISEvents: Essence Paintnite and August LKISGiveaway


New special Wednesday edition post up on Virgin Radio! Read it there or right here! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I would not call myself, well, hippy dippy yoga girl. But I dig comfy clothes that are fashionable and it seems that Lole …

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LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Lole White Tour Inspires my Yoga Revolution, in Style of Course!

I know you guys saw Lee Haberkorn and I hanging out and shoe shopping at AS98 in Montreal (if you didn’t, watch it here: Well, there is a second one! Watch it here: xxx LKIS Share this Post

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LKISStyle: New Video Up on Youtube, More AS98 Shoes


Today on Virgin Radio Montreal, I chat about my shopping  experience in Lake Como! Read it there: Or right here! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Welcome to Lake Como. And, yes, while others enjoy the pristine views and the hopes of catching a …

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LKISStyle: Shopping in Lake Como’s Bellagio, Italy (Because That’s What I do!)


Today on Virgin Radio– chatting the perfect bathing suit for your body type. Read it there: Or right here! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx We are in the throws of summer weather and it never ceases to amaze me that no matter what …

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LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Bathing Suit Babe


New post on Virgin Radio today! Read it there: Or right here!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I am coming to an end of an incredible trip and honestly, it makes me think. Sure about life, love, adventure, but if you are me…it …

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LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, My top 5 Tips for Packing Shoes (stylishly!)


Today on Virgin Radio Montreal,​ I chat about the stylish finds I am spotting while travelling in Santorini, Greece! Read it there: OR right here!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I am on my honeymoon…and I know, I know, it’s all about romance …

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LKISStyle: On Virgin Radio, Santorini Style-Spotting


So, a last minute flight cancellation meant that my trip had to be rerouted to Bellagio, Lake Como. Well, needless to say this was NOT a bad thing! (this is a picture of the lake….no filter!!!) What’s a girl to …

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LKISStyle: Outfit Post, My Looks in Lake Como